Case Study: Transforming an ordinary corporate dinner and dance event through technology


Beyond hosting a regular themed corporate dinner and dance (D&D), ever wondered how venue operators can help clients further enhance their event's experience through the creative use of technology and audio visual effects?

As Asia's single largest owner of first-to-market equipment in lighting, video, sound and logistics equipment, Marina Bay Sands is able to leverage on its capabilities to transform and create an immersive and experiential D&D for its clients. Every project begins with months of in-depth conversations between the Marina Bay Sands team and the client to understand their event's needs. The team is constantly pushing boundaries, using innovative technology to accentuate the client’s event theme and create memorable experiences for their guests.

Leveraging on a sophisticated lighting design and pre-visualisation software, the team is able to effectively construct a three-dimensional representation of the entire event's AV concept based on the dinner theme. From lighting, audio, video, staging, rigging positions down to the minute details such as electrical points, the team is able to map out all the exact requirements to help clients achieve their ideal event set-up. This not only allows the client's appointed event organisers to carry out the event set-up more efficiently, it also helps the Marina Bay Sands team to accurately map out the required manpower as well as AV resources.

For a recent 6,000 pax corporate D&D event, the Marina Bay Sands team worked with the client for a period of eight months to conceptualise an immersive and visually stunning event experience. 44 kinesys programmable hoists, 250 sets of 1 tonne hoists, 2,000m of trusses and a newly acquired 500sqm LED wall were used to pull off a technically complex feat and a visual spectacle. Multi-directional moving LED panels provided a 360 experience, synchronised with lights and music.

As the industry continues to witness larger tech demands by clients who are putting up shows of a grander scale, Marina Bay Sands is continually investing in refreshing and enhancing its audio-visual technology, staging equipment, video projection and back-end support systems to further enrich the event experience.