MEET THE TEAM: Roger Simons, Associate Director of Sustainability




1.  Tell us about yourself and your role at Marina Bay Sands.

As Associate Director of Sustainability, I am very lucky to work on a diverse range of things every day – from driving property performance in waste, energy or water, product innovation, partnerships and certifications, to boosting staff engagement and working directly with MICE clients on bringing their values to life through events. Every morning I’m motivated by the opportunity to make changes, large or small that can wield a huge impact – it’s very rewarding.


2.   What are some sustainability trends that you have observed among MICE clients?

For most, sustainability is no longer an afterthought, it’s very important to more and more of our clients. At Marina Bay Sands, we’re able to integrate best practices across events in an increasing number of ways, such as having support to feature no plastic water bottles and straws, using circular economy furnishings and serving local and responsibly sourced food. We’ve got a lot more interest in our wellness offerings too.


3.  What is your most memorable green event at Marina Bay Sands and why?

During the recent Schneider Electric Innovation Summit Singapore, we had a great opportunity to show what we can do on a scale that we haven’t been able to before. I love it when clients are supportive of all the sustainable measures we propose and want to take their commitment to another level. We delivered the most sustainable menu we’ve ever done with everything being either locally sourced or carrying a certification, such as organic vegetables, meats and wines, MSC-certified seafood, fair trade and bird friendly coffee and more.


4.  Any tips for MICE clients if they are looking at incorporating sustainability into their events?

Don’t think of it as an add-on activity which generates extra work, stress and often budget – but rather something you can consider when you are planning each regular component of your event. It starts by making subtle tweaks to exhibitions, delegate materials, VIP restaurant choices, transport, menus and activities to integrate sustainable practice.