Exploring Nature’s Tapestry

Come meet the passionate biodiversity experts featured in Sensory Odyssey and other conservation advocates in this line-up of programmes accompanying the exhibition.

Embrace the marvels and mysteries of our natural world in guided walks in our beloved green spaces with Biogirl MJ (Co-founder and Host of science channel Just Keep Thinking) and Dr Leong Tzi Ming (Naturalist and Nature Guide). Get up close with various bee species at Bee Amazed Garden with John Chong (Beekeeper and Educator) and find out why honeybees are critical to our food sources. Discover the fascinating species that call our local nature reserves home in talks by Dr Shawn Kaihekulani Yamauchi Lum (Tropical Rainforest Ecologist and Senior Lecturer at NTU Asian School of the Environment). Find out how the acoustics of melting glaciers can help accurately predict sea level rise in a talk by Dr Hari Vishnu (Oceanography Researcher and Senior Research Fellow at NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute).

From guided nature walks to engaging talks, join us to reconnect deeply with nature and explore ways we can safeguard the future of our ecosystems and our humanity.

Organised as a companion programme of Sensory Odyssey: Into the Heart of Our Living World exhibition, in conjunction with the season of Sustainable Futures at ArtScience Museum.

About the exhibition

Wonder at our incredibly diverse and fascinating living world as experienced in Sensory Odyssey – a multi-sensory and immersive exhibition that brings visitors of all ages on a spectacular journey into the heart of our ecosystem.

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Sep & Oct
Various timings
Mix of free and ticketed admission

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