Write-in with Natalie Wang

Become a modern myth maker in this creative writing session with local author Natalie Wang.

What are myths and why are they retold? Explore storytelling techniques, tensions between original and modern retellings of myths, and how we embed our values and critiques within them.

Whether you’re a writing aficionado or looking to dip your toes into creative writing for the first time, join us for a time of creative expression. The workshop will include time for free writing. You are encouraged to bring pen, paper, laptop or what you are most used to writing with.

This workshop is organised as a companion programme to New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed

This workshop does not include exhibition access.



Natalie Wang is the author of the poetry collection The Woman Who Turned Into a Vending Machine (Math Paper Press, 2018). She has been published in numerous local and international anthologies and literary journals, including Cordite Poetry, Fairy Tale Review, Strange Horizons, and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. She has read her writing at Singapore Writer’s Festival, Melbourne Writer’s Festival, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has also taught classes on debate, public speaking, drama, and creative writing. 


Sing Lit Station is a literary charity that serves the local community of writers and readers. They aim to be a platform where readers and writers meet by:

  1. Creating a space for writers to grow their artistic and professional lives;
  2. Inviting readers to explore our literary culture;
  3. Working with many partners to build inclusive and dynamic communities.

Sing Lit Station is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC).

New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed
About the Exhibition

Curated by ArtScience Museum, New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed offers a journey into new science fiction worlds.

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2 Dec (Sat)
2pm – 5pm
Basement 1, The Sun

ticket Ticketed Admission

S$10 per participant

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