Food for Talk — Unique Food Experiences Delivered Safely at Corporate Events


To ensure guests’ health and safety, the MICE team found new ways to present food compellingly, creating opportunities for conversation among delegates.

Everyone likes to talk about food, and it is an important component of any events. Since the pandemic in 2020, venue operators such as Marina Bay Sands had to rethink how food and beverages are being served.

In February 2021, Marina Bay Sands organised an intimate luncheon with its key clients to share the latest updates and offerings property-wide. As it coincided with the Lunar New Year festival, the culinary team at the integrated resort got creative and served up a traditional must-have during the festivity with a contemporary twist.

Yusheng, a mixture of thinly sliced raw fish, shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces beautifully plated for each table, has always been a key highlight during the Lunar New Year. The dish brings friends, families and colleagues together for good luck and prosperity. Gathered around the table, each person would typically hold a pair of chopsticks and “lo hei” (Cantonese for “tossing”), and enthusiastically exchange auspicious wishes. It is believed that the higher the toss, the greater the fortune it brings.



Yusheng, a key highlight during the Lunar New Year, was served in a cocktail shaker this year to ensure that guests adhered to the Safe Management Measures during the luncheon


However, to ensure that guests adhered to the Safe Management Measures during the luncheon, the boisterous dish took on a different form this year. Each guest was surprised with a cocktail shaker of Yusheng as part of the menu, enabling them to mix the dish to their heart’s delight with everyone else in the room, without losing the essence of the tradition. It easily became a conversation starter as guests reminisced about good old times of celebrating the festive season pre-pandemic, and stayed hopeful of a brighter year ahead.

As physical events return, the kitchens at Sands Expo and Convention Centre continue to surprise and create even more thoughtful dishes to enrich event experiences for our guests.