Guardians of the galaxy - Marvel Exhibition at ArtScience Museum

Discover the story of some misfits with a mission.

A band of former intergalactic outlaws find themselves having to work together to save the galaxy from certain doom. They are led by the brazen, half-man, half-Celestial cosmic adventurer Peter Quill (Star-Lord). Peter Quill was kidnapped from Earth as a child. After living in space for nearly 30 years, Quill becomes wrapped up in an intergalactic conspiracy when he stole an orb coveted by a powerful villain named Ronan. Assassins Nebula and Gamora, gun-toting raccoon Rocket, treelike-humanoid Groot, enigmatic Mantis and vengeance-driven Drax the Destroyer complete this prodigious gang of misfits on a mission to protect the universe.

Don’t miss a chance to groove with Groot.